The Sensual Experience

Our teaching methods and objectives are always experiential.

We always try to intuit and resolve shame and guilt issues as they arise, and anything that comes from the past reward/punishment paradigm that sensuality is traditionally framed in.

These issues possibly prevent the freedom and beauty that sensuality offers us. When the this paradigm is transcended a person's perspective on all of life can be altered.



Tantra is the melding of sensuality and spirituality in the same experience. Tantra is a practice that raises the consciousness of the human organism through the raising of the seat of the life force energies from the "lower" chakras into the "higher" chakras. Through Sensual Reiki each of the seven major Chakras are considered virtuous and essential to the experience of the joy of life and contentment.

Tantra and Sensual Reiki encourage the human being to become intensely aware of the generation of life force energy within their own bodies. The process is life affirming, enhancing health, happiness, productivity, and creative intelligence.