The Photographer

Bruce Magnotti has been a photographer and videographer for most of his life. He has worked throughout the world including Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. He has filmed in diverse places such as the Jerusalem Theater and the Hamburg State Opera House, the Pine Barrens of New Jersey and the Hoh Rain Forest in Washington State. His photos have appeared on magazine covers and articles throughout the world. His art photos have been displayed in galleries from coast to coast including cities such as San Francisco, Seattle, as well as Boston, Washington, D.C. and New York.

Bruce Magnotti

Bruce Magnotti has been referred to as "the Andy Warhol of Seattle" by Washington Magazine (May 2009) and also by J.J. McKay, himself titled "The Perle Mesta" of Seattle by the Seattle Times, J.J. McKay was also referred to as "Seattle's Greatest Socialite" by Edge Magazine in their November 2008 issue. While Andy Warhol's milieu was sex and Campbell soup cans, Magnotti's is sensuality and the nature of spirituality. His media is similar, i.e. film, print, and the cooperative nature of the art expression. His lodge like home over Alki Beach is called the Art Castle by many, he calls it "The Factory West", actually in memory of Andy Warhol and his work in New York City in the last century.

Bruce Magnotti has also been called the "Lord of the Rings" by Seattle Metropolitan Magazine (Novemebr 2006) and the South Sound Journal, for his bold and unique designs of the classic solitaire cocktail ring. Bruce is a consummate artist with expressions ranging from dance and aerial arts, to photography and videography, from beeswax candle making and fine jewelry creation, to writing poetry and mystical research. Bruce Magnotti has also been referred to, by Fox News, as "The first green jeweler on the planet..." for his dedication to recycling estate jewelry and gemstones in all his designs, his insistence on the zero conflict nature of the gemstones, and his refusal to outsource any of the workmanship in the production of his jewelry or components.

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